Capital Projects

We are pleased to announce the success of our Leg Up campaign to purchase our building!  Now that we are homeowners, we turn our focus to some of our top priority improvements for our shelter.  

This year, our Capital Project priority is the build-out of an Animal Get Acquainted Area between the Medical/Surgical area and the dog kennels.  The Animal Get Acquainted area will be used for adoption interviews and animal introductions, as well as, temperament evaluations and canine enrichment training for our animals.  The Animal Get Acquainted project will allow us to create four individual rooms, with movable partitions, that can easily be configured to function as Get Acquainted Rooms while improving the flow of adoption interviews to facilitate our adoptable animals’ placement in the best forever homes possible.   

If you would like to donate to our Capital Projects, please fill in your information below and contribute today!

If you would like to discuss funding for the Animal Get Acquainted area or our other Capital Projects, please contact Karen Hackenberry, Executive Director at [email protected] or 330-487-0333, ext. 224. 

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