Happy Ending Stories - Recent Adoptions


We adopted Bart about a month ago. Since then we have renamed him Bruce. Bruce has been doing great! He has an outstanding personality and loves belly rubs! Attached are a few pictures of Bruce. Thanks again! Ryan


"First I would like to say that I appreciated your letter ad that my experience at the humane society was amazing. Everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly and made our search for new babies very exciting. My boyfriend and I adopted midnight and Mindy. We brought Mindy home first and gave her a new name, Lexi. She is so beautiful with her stripes and colorful   Fur. A few days late we adopted midnight who is now Morgan. We came searching for an adult kitty that got along with dogs and cats since we have a schnauzer. We were introduced the morgan and absolutely loved her. That fit in perfectly with our little family. The kitties are so close now and play together all the time. Both kitties get along with duke our dog and Lexi cuddles him. Morgan likes us to love on her but won't cuddle yet so we are taking it slow. We look forward to every new thing they do and the many years we will have with them. Thank you so much for helping us complete our family."

Megan and Andrew