Nominate Your Pet for HSSC's 2021 Calendar!

***UPDATE: This contest has ended. Thank you to all of those who participated! 2021 Pet Calendars will be available for purchase in September!***

Have you adopted the cutest pet ever from the Humane Society of Summit County? Do you have a flair for pet photography? Nominate your pet and your photo for a chance to be featured in our 2021 Pet Calendar!

Photos of twelve lucky pets chosen by our selection committee will represent a whole month on the calendar.

All nominated pets will be included in the calendar in a collage as long as they meet our contest guidelines.

How to Enter

  1. Make a donation of $25 or more HERE.
  2. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to submit your pet’s photo and provide additional information about your pet.
  3. Deadline to enter is June 5, 2020 at 5pm EST!
  4. We will notify families of the winning 12 pets by the end of June. Each chosen pet will represent one month of the calendar.
  5. Every entry will receive a complimentary copy of the calendar by mail in September 2020.

Contest Guidelines

  • Calendar feature is open only to dogs, cats, and critters adopted from the Humane Society of Summit County.
  • All photo submissions must be clear, high-resolution (2MB minimum file size, 5MB minimum recommended), and “landscape” oriented – a wide, short rectangle.
  • Photos must be only of your pet, no people should be included in the photos.
  • Our committee reserves the right to disqualify an entry if the photo does not meet the goal of the project.

Photo Tips

  • First, make sure you have set your camera to the best quality setting it has. Images should be at least 2MB (5MB minimum is recommended for best resolution). Most newer mobile phones have really good cameras built in, but using a standalone camera would be best. Additionally, make sure your photo is horizontal, not vertical.
  • Relax! If you are stressed, your pet will be too. Take a deep breath. Have fun!
  • Focus on the eyes. The eyes are the most expressive part of an animal’s face, so if you want to create really engaging portraits, focus on the eyes and facial expressions. Make sure to use the auto-focus feature on your camera.
  • Avoid using flash. Try to take your pictures using natural light. Using your camera’s flash can create harsh shadows and unflattering colors, not to mention the red eye issue. If your pet has light colored fur or skin, a flash will wash them out. Bright flashes can also scare your pet.
  • Get rid of clutter. Before you pull out your camera, take a look around your shooting location and get rid of any distracting objects. Do you really want to see that coffee cup or that take-out container in the background? Will that broken branch do anything but distract in the great shot of your dog frolicking in your yard? If your shooting location is too cluttered to deal with (moving trash cans, kid’s toys, etc) then consider changing your location.
  • Get low, and be steady. To be on eye level with your pet, you may have to crouch or lie on the ground. This will produce a much more interesting shot than one from standing height.
    If your tripod won’t accommodate your new position, use a book or a chair instead. Taking a breath before pressing the shutter button will help eliminate camera shake.

The HSSC 2021 Pet Calendar will be available for purchase in September at the Humane Society of Summit County and Happy Tails Thrift Shop.

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