Humane Society of Summit County Rescues Over 50 Animals from Condemned Home

On November 30, Akron Municipal Court awarded ownership of more than 50 animals rescued from a condemned home to the Humane Society of Summit County. The situation was reported through the Cruelty Hotline to our Humane Agents who investigated the alleged abuse and seized the animals in October due to severe neglect.

Initial reports suggested there were roughly a dozen animals residing inside the property. Through 12 hours of work over 2 days, our team rescued over 50 dogs, cats, and birds from filthy conditions with little access to food and water. A total of twenty-two small chihuahua-mix dogs, including two litters of puppies, were discovered. Adult cats and kittens, fifteen in total, were found in every room desperately seeking refuge from the unsafe conditions – including one kitten hiding in an oven drawer and another in a cabinet under a sink. Fifteen birds were caged among the rooms surrounded by refuse, waste, and vermin.

As they arrived by the van-load at our shelter, our vet team worked quickly to stabilize the animals, many of whom were severely underweight and suffering from ringworm, fleas, open wounds, and scarring from old injuries left untreated. Ringworm, a highly contagious fungal infection, requires a weeks-long treatment regimen that has strained resources at HSSC. Staff must wear full PPE while interacting with the animals, provide regular medicated baths, and test each animal multiple times to ensure the infection is cleared.

With the court ruling, the rehabilitation of the animals continues. Some of the animals from this rescue are not yet ready for adoption, but others have fully recovered and have begun to find forever homes! The birds have been transferred to Parrot Hope bird rescue.

Interested adopters should complete our special online application for this group and will be contacted on a first-come, first-considered basis. Having been victims of neglect and because of their shyness, most of the dogs will require adoptive families to be adult-only or with children over 13. Some dogs will do best with a resident dog. Each of the animals in the group has been named after a US President or Vice President, thus the group has been dubbed the President Pets.

Apply to Adopt!

The care of animals like the President Pets is costly with their specialized veterinary treatment, spay/neuter surgeries, and daily care from rescue through adoption. The price tag to care for these animals has risen to over $1,000 per animal. We depend on the generosity of our community to do this lifesaving work. Please consider making a gift to help these deserving pets find hope for the holidays!


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