May 21, 2012 is historical day for animal lovers and Pitbull advocates throughout the state of Ohio. Breed Specific Legislation has been in effect in Ohio 25 years. Breed Specific Legislation places restrictions on the ownership of certain breeds in a particular area; for example, city limits or in our case - the whole state. To date, Pitbulls that are Ohio residents had the same rights as any breed of dog that has killed or injured a person or killed another dog. Ohio is the only state in the country that has enforced state-wide Breed Specific Legislation - until now!

On February 21st, Governor John Kasich and the members of the Ohio General Assembly removed Pitbulls from the automatic designation as vicious dogs under Ohio law. Now, every dog can be judged on its behavior rather than just its breed.

So, what does this mean for our block-headed, wiggly-butt friends? Their adoptability will sky rocket! Now that the state of Ohio will not have added restrictions for those interested in adopting out what were formerly known as vicious dogs, we expect Pitbull adoption numbers to increase drastically.

Pawsibilities, Humane Society of Greater Akron is proud to be a non-breed discriminating shelter. All dogs over the age of six months are temperament tested before being placed on the adoption floor and each adoptable dog is given an equal chance of finding the perfect furrever home. This is a huge step for one of our favorite breeds and they are finally being recognized for their loyal, well rounded wiggly personalities. If you are interested in learning more about this issue or meeting one of our awesome animals available for adoption, please stop by our shelter located at 7996 Darrow Road in Twinsburg.

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