#Dogtober: Texas's Triumph

In August of this year, Texas was rescued as a helpless four month old puppy by our Humane Officers after he was found suffering from an untreated case of mange, a painful and destructive skin infection caused by a parasite. The extent of his condition was shocking. Texas was a victim of neglect.

Safely at our shelter and in the hands of our expert veterinary team, Texas was given soothing baths and a regiment of medications to treat his skin and ease his pain. Texas spent most of this recovery under the watchful eye of a dedicated foster family, who made him comfortable during his most difficult days.

Today, Texas has completed his recovery and is ready for his next step - ADOPTION!

Without the generous support of our community of animal advocates, our mission to rescue, heal, and adopt animals desperately in need of help - animals just like Texas - is made a reality. We can make an impact in these precious lives because of you and your generosity.

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