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2020 has been challenging in many ways, yet we remain resolute in our mission to care for our community’s most vulnerable animals. We continue to provide lifesaving services that these pets rely upon, including humane law enforcement, rehabilitative veterinary care, and adoption.

This Saturday, August 29th, is our Pawsibility Ball, and, as most things, it looks a bit different this year. Due to the current climate, we need the help of our community of supporters to meet our goals for this annual event that supports 10% of our annual budget. We need you.

Perhaps you won’t be joining us at the event, but you can still make a big difference NOW! Your donation made in support of our Pawsibility Ball “Fund-a-Need” will be MATCHED up to $30,000! Don’t miss this opportunity to double your impact! Your support directly helps animals rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted right here in Summit County.

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Meet Sapphire.
This sweet senior girl came to our shelter after her owner was unfortunately no longer able to care for her. At the time, she was in need of veterinary care to treat an eye condition and remove small masses that had appeared on her abdomen, issues that would later be addressed with surgery. It was determined, during routine intake testing, that Sapphire was also battling heartworm disease, a potentially fatal condition if left untreated.

Heartworm disease is caused by a parasitic infection that will eventually cause severe damage to the heart and lungs. It’s a serious disease that unfortunately is encountered more and more each year at HSSC. Luckily, with delicate prolonged care, it is treatable.

In order to successfully rid her body of the dangerous parasites, Sapphire was given periodic injections of a lifesaving medication and placed on cage rest – a process that takes two months. She did very well during her treatments and recovery and found a special place in many of the hearts of our staff. Through it all, Sapphire was sweet, silly, and happy to see everyone who she met.

Once her recovery was complete, Sapphire was ready for adoption and is currently waiting to meet the family of her dreams!


Meet Carp. This handsome kitty was found with an injured front leg and brought to HSSC by a kind citizen. Because of his injury, Carp’s leg had become twisted inward, and he had to painfully hobble in order to move.

Once safely at our shelter, our veterinarian examined Carp and determined that his injury was extensive. The best treatment would be to remove the leg in order to alleviate Carp’s pain and provide him with mobility.

Carp recovered from his difficult surgery and adjusted well to his new life on three legs. This affectionate, snuggly kitty will soon be ready to find his forever family!


Meet Rigg. This big, sweet pup came to us after being found as a stray in obvious need of veterinary care. Rigg was weak, lethargic, and vomiting frequently. Safely at our shelter, Rigg was examined by our veterinarian who, after ruling out common causes for his symptoms, ordered clinical tests to help make a diagnosis and treatment plan. Rigg stabilized and was watched closely that evening as he found comfortable shelter in his kennel.

Unfortunately, the next morning, Rigg’s condition had worsened considerably. Rigg was exceedingly weak, unable to urinate, and consistently vomiting. His life was in jeopardy. Our veterinary team acted quickly, transporting him to our friends at Keystone Veterinary Clinic for emergency radiographs of his abdomen. Images revealed that a large amount of fluid, suspected to be urine, had built up on his abdomen. Rigg’s condition would be fatal if not addressed quickly.

Once back at our shelter, our veterinarian performed emergency surgery and found that Rigg’s bladder had ruptured. Luckily, she was able to surgically repair the damage and successfully flush his abdomen of any remaining urine. While not conclusive, it is suspected that Rigg had been suffering from an untreated prostate infection that spread to his bladder, causing catastrophic damage.

Today, just a few weeks later, Rigg is doing remarkably well! He is now full of energy, love, and playfulness! Rigg is still taking antibiotics and has a few more veterinary appointments and tests in the coming days to check that his recovery is progressing as expected, but we are beyond hopeful that Rigg’s future is bright!


Meet Chirpy. This handsome, senior kitty was rescued earlier this year from unimaginable conditions. Chirpy, two other cats, and one dog were found trapped in a home filled with waste and no access to food or water, apparently abandoned to fend for themselves for an extensive amount of time.

The animals were suffering from emaciation, dehydration, and illness. The scene was horrific. Chirpy’s stunning white fur was stained brown on his paws from feces. Tragically, during the investigation of the home, our Humane Officers discovered another dog that had not survived the nightmarish ordeal.

Our officers quickly transported the surviving animals to our shelter for immediate veterinary care. Chirpy’s condition was very concerning. He was lethargic, thin, and, following the results of bloodwork, found to be anemic and battling an infection. Chirpy also had no teeth. As an 11-year-old cat, severe neglect had left devastating effects on Chirpy’s health, and our veterinary team was unsure if he could pull through.

Luckily, Chirpy surprised us. With fluids, antibiotics, and nutritious food, Chirpy recovered after two weeks of delicate veterinary care. His sweet personality could once again shine through, and he was ready for adoption!

While we often find that our senior pets take a bit more time to find their adoptive families, that wasn’t the case for Chirpy! Just days after being cleared for adoption, Chirpy found his forever family and today enjoys the love and comfort of his adoptive home!


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