Celtic's Holiday Wish : A Quiet Space to Heal

Meet Celtic, a kind, gentle dog who had a rough beginning but is working his way towards a new leash on life. We hope, once you hear his story, you'll be willing to open your home and your heart to this loving pup who needs a special place to stay while he gets well.

On October 7, 2022, a local police officer spotted Celtic living in deplorable circumstances and called our Humane Agents to help. They picked him up, and realizing his situation was dire, rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital. He was extremely malnourished, pale and dehydrated, with severe wounds on his hips and toes. He was also anemic and positive for heartworm.

Once his health was stable enough, he came to our shelter to continue his treatment. After his arrival, we learned that Celtic had been adopted from another shelter in 2021, when he was 8 years old and weighed about 60 pounds.

He's working hard to build his weight and strength back up, but he does have some lasting challenges from his previous mistreatment, including a left rear leg that he struggles to use well. However, with his resilient spirit and some special booties that protect his feet, he still enjoys going outside to enjoy the sunshine and take brief walks.

Despite his life experiences and age, Celtic really loves to play when he's feeling well. He enjoys participating in our shy dog class and playing with toys, though he also loves to snuggle and take naps too.

Celtic is a sweet pup who has had a hard life. Though he's doing well and continuing to recover, we know he'd do that best in a foster home. The shelter can be a stressful place while trying to heal, especially for those who need to move a little slower and with greater care.

If you have extra space in your family, home and heart, please consider providing Celtic with temporary housing while we continue our work to restore his health. Food, supplies and medical care will be provided to meet his needs, along with immense gratitude from Celtic and our team.

If you'd like to meet Celtic or learn how you can help, please call our foster coordinator, Jamie Tavenier, at 330-487-0333, extension 229, or email her at

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