Brand New: MABEL Mobile Veterinary Clinic

We are so pleased to announce our brand new, state-of-the-art mobile veterinary clinic, MABEL! Over the past few years, the Humane Society of Summit County has worked to expand beyond the four walls of our shelter to be a resource for our community, prevent animal suffering, and keep animals in loving homes. MABEL, which stands for Making Animals Better and Enriching Lives, a program over two years in the making aims to do just that, and help create a more compassionate community for pets and the people who love them.

The need in Summit County for affordable and accessible veterinary care is great, and it is growing. Compounded by the economic effects of the pandemic, affordable options for veterinary care are distant from high-need communities and several resources have closed. At the same time, pet ownership has increased. The Humane Society of Summit County receives over 50 calls per month requesting veterinary care, over half of these specific to low-cost spay/neuter services. National studies show that lack of access to affordable vet care is a leading reason animals are surrendered to shelters.

Similarly, overpopulation of animals, particularly cats, is a growing problem for Summit County. The Humane Society of Summit County cares for over 1,000 kittens each year. A mother cat and her litter of kittens can multiply into hundreds of cats in just two years. The need for reliable spay/neuter is critical to reducing suffering and homelessness of companion animals.

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Based on successful national programs, our MABEL Clinic is the first of its kind in Summit County. The MABEL vehicle is a self-contained clinic with the capacity to provide high-quality spays and neuters, vaccinations, and microchipping on board. Services will be provided at low-cost and a fund has been developed to provide free services to neighbors who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

The MABEL Clinic is a 28’ vehicle with housing for up to 25 cats or small dogs on-unit. We will travel to partner locations throughout Summit County to provide services on site. The vehicle has the capacity for intake care, surgery preparation, anesthesia, and climate control so services may be delivered year-round. In addition to spay/neuter surgery days, vaccination and microchipping clinics will also be offered to help maintain the health of pets.

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This program would not be possible without the Cynthia Parker Matthews Family Foundation and our community of friends' robust support of our mission to give voice to Summit County's beloved animals and provide them the care they need and deserve!

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