"Ruff Riders": 19 Dogs rescued and now available for adoption

On March 21, Akron Municipal Court awarded ownership of 18 dogs rescued from an abandoned home to the Humane Society of Summit County. The situation was reported by a local landlord to the organization’s Humane Agents who investigated the alleged abandonment and seized the animals in February.

Upon gaining access to the residence, Agents found 11 adult dogs and 8 puppies alone and frightened – many of them confined to one room. The beagle-dachshund mixed breed dogs were abandoned without any food or water, living in filthy conditions and in their own waste. All of the dogs were suffering from malnutrition and the puppies had distended abdomens. In addition to the dogs found alive in the residence, another dog was discovered in the basement, deceased. Though many of the animals were shy and fearful, they were quickly secured and transported to the Humane Society of Summit County facility for care.

Upon the animals' arrival at the Humane Society of Summit County, veterinary staff triaged the animals and provided treatment for malnutrition and intestinal parasites. Due to neglect, the toenails of several of the dogs had grown so long as to make walking difficult and painful. Following their recovery, the dogs were provided basic veterinary care including spay/neuter and vaccination in preparation for adoption.

Having been victims of neglect, the animals suffer emotional wounds as well and most are shy and hesitant around humans. Humane Society of Summit County behavioral staff and volunteers are working on socializing dogs to develop trust. Many find comfort in being around other animals. Because of their background, many of the dogs may have specific needs of an appropriate home environment. Interested adopters should check our adoption page for available animals at or contact (330)487-0333 ext. 221 for more information.

The President & CEO of HSSC shared, “We are saddened by the horrific conditions these animals endured. Animals are voiceless citizens of our community and deserve safe and nourishing homes. We are proud to give these animals hope and after rehabilitation, a future through adoption.”

With ownership awarded through the legal ruling, many of the dogs and puppies are ready for adoption. Because of their shyness, some of the dogs will require adoptive families to be adult-only or with children over 13. Some dogs will do best with a resident dog. This group has been dubbed the Ruff Riders and each is named after a classic western movie character.

Donations are needed to support the care expenses of this group undertaken by the Humane Society of Summit County. Visit our donation page to donate

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