Quincy and Benji

Quincy and Benji are unlikely best friends, but they share a strong bond having both been rescued by HSSC’s Humane Officers from dire circumstances and then adopted together.

In 2015, when Quincy was just a teeny, helpless kitten, he was rescued by our Humane Officers. Quincy was in need of emergency veterinary care as he was suffering from a painful and life-threatening bacterial infection. With antibiotic medications and delicate care from staff and volunteers, Quincy recovered and became the happy, bouncy, playful kitten he was meant to be. Quincy waited just a short time before he won over the heart of his future mom. His adopter recounts,

“Two years ago, I came to HSSC looking for a kitten. I was in difficult place emotionally and was in search of a comfort companion/emotional support animal. Well, I found him - Quincy! Today, he is certified by the ESARA with full service animal certification and documentation!”

A year later, with Quincy settled in to his new, happy life, his mom noticed he needed his own animal companion! She writes,

"...but not just any companion, he needed a BIG best friend. Quincy is such a special kitty with such unique qualities and quirks, so I felt a dog would be the perfect friend!”

During this time, a dog named Benji had been rescued by HSSC’s Humane Officers. He had survived a real-life nightmare. Benji and two other dogs had been abandoned in a vacant house with no food, water, or utilities. The house was filled with waste, trash, and debris. Benji was found locked in a cage, forgotten and discarded. All three dogs were thin, dirty, and dejected.

Safely in our care, Benji and his two friends were examined, fed, bathed, and loved. They all made a miraculous recovery and were on their way to enjoying life with new adoptive families. By happy coincidence, that’s when Quincy’s mom began her search for the perfect canine companion. She shares,

“After much discussion with my boyfriend and several visits to HSSC, my heart just kept pulling towards a very pretty boy with a unique “Woo Woo” bark. It was Benji! After meeting him and learning how well he did with cats, my heart was set.

One final meeting with my boyfriend, a big hug from Benji, and he was ready to come home with us. Finding out how much he had been through and what a tough boy he was, we decided to give him a name that we felt fit his kick butt attitude: Quinlan, a favorite character of ours from a show.

Adjustment was difficult at first, as he was so scared of being left alone, but after several weeks of patience and hard work, he is exactly what we were looking for. Not only for us, but for our family. Seeing how happy he is every day when we come home with his big smile and perky ears is the best. That adorable little face makes us melt! The amount of trust and the bond we’ve all built with him means more than anything. He is amazing with children and other animals and he learns so quickly. We even taught him how to “Shake” and “Whisper”!"

Today, Benji and Quincy are best buds. Inseparable in every way, the pair can often be found playing and snoozing together, grateful that they can spend their days safe and loved with their family.

"Thank you again for everything you do. Without HSSC, I’d have never found my best friends!"

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