Tips and Tricks for being a Top Dog Fundraiser

Tips for Fundraising

Making your page *POP*

Setting up your page takes less than 10 minutes! Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your fundraising efforts:

  • Add a story to your Firstgiving page. Tell people why you love the Humane Society of Summit County and rescue animals!
  • Add photos to your page, like you and your pet together!

Making the ASK
  • Alert the masses: Share your page on Social Media like Facebook. You never know who is going to be moved by your story or want to support you just because they like you! Be sure to thank your social media donors ON social media - tagging them in a thank-you post is excellent and will add gentle pressure to your other contacts!
  • Be direct: By far the best way to ask is directly, by email or in person. Email one or just a few people at a time, not your whole contact list at once!
  • Make it personal: ask people for a specific amount you think is right for them.
  • Build momentum: Post updates about your page on Social Media so people know if you are close to reaching your goal.
  • Say THANK YOU loudly, clearly and often. Let people know that you are psyched to have their support because this cause is so important to you.