How fundraising makes a difference!

By becoming a Fundraising Champion for our Paws for a Cause: Rescue Walk each penny raised goes directly in to the lifesaving veterinary care we provide to the rescued animals of Summit County.


Snow was rescued by HSSC in 2018 from a life of despair and suffering at the hands of a neglectful, abusive owner. At the time, Snow’s fur was severely matted, causing his eyes to be tangled shut. His small body was covered in painful infections, scabs, and ulcers as, with time, his fur pulled tighter and tighter. Untrimmed for an extensive time, his nails had become tightly corkscrewed, making walking and standing painful.

Sadly, his condition would have been easily avoided with the most basic of care, attention, and love. Snow was the victim of severe neglect.

In our care, Snow was provided with the veterinary care and grooming he so desperately needed. To heal his wounds and ease his pain, our veterinary team prescribed him several medications and weekly soothing baths. With some time, Snow transformed. Today, he enjoys the comforts, pampering, and love of his adoptive family!


Rescued when she was just a puppy, Muriel stole our hearts with her silly antics and sweet personality. But Muriel also stood out because she wasn't like most other puppies. Muriel had difficulty walking and a slight vision impairment, but she didn't seem to mind! She was always as happy as could be!

After several rounds of tests, radiographs, and examinations, the cause was a mystery but Muriel's future was bright. She was otherwise healthy and happy! Our adoption staff set out to find a special family for this extra special pup. Muriel didn't have to wait long! With several of her adoptable friends, Muriel attended Bark in the Park 2018 on the Mobile Adoption Center. There, she met the family who would change her life forever! She was ADOPTED, and we were all so happy for her!

BOOTSTRAP (available)

We may never know what Bootstrap Bill’s life was like before his rescue in October, but we’re certain it’s now filled with hope. Bootstrap Bill came to us as an injured stray suffering from a swollen and disfigured front leg. As a mastiff, his larger stature made walking painful and difficult.

In order to diagnose and treat Bootstrap Bill’s injured leg, Dr. Kauffman, HSSC’s shelter veterinarian, ordered diagnostic tests, including x-rays and clinical bloodwork. The results indicated that Bootstrap Bill was battling an extensive bone infection most likely caused by an untreated bite wound from another animal.

Increased doses of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication unfortunately could not beat the infection, leaving Bootstrap Bill still struggling with mobility and in danger of the infection spreading. The difficult decision was then made by our veterinary team that Bootstrap Bill’s best option would be to amputate his leg.

Bootstrap Bill has since made a wonderful recovery following his surgery, and his future is bright! Today, he is available for adoption and eager to meet his forever family!


Help came just in time for Jonny, a young pit bull mix rescued by our Humane Officers. Found tethered outside in the elements with no food or water, Jonny was emaciated, forgotten, and slowly dying. Jonny was the victim of abandonment and suffering from severe neglect.

Too weak to walk to freedom, Jonny was carried by our Humane Officer, who rushed the dog to her van knowing that at our shelter Jonny would receive the veterinary care he needed to survive his horrific ordeal.

Luckily, that day would not be his last.

Our experienced veterinary team quickly examined Jonny, finding that he weighed only 32 lbs, was severely dehydrated, and had maggots eating at open wounds on his paws. Jonny was stabilized and provided with the nutrition and medications that would begin his difficult recovery.

Jonny became stronger with each passing day. He eventually had the energy to wag his tail, enjoy walks in our yard, and play with toys. His sweet and silly personality was able to shine. Jonny was thriving.

Five weeks after his rescue, Jonny had fully recovered and just days later, met the wonderful family who would become his everything. Jonny was adopted!


In early 2018, HSSC rescued a dog, a victim of neglect, who's condition was so severe that he almost didn't make it.

Bonzo was rescued by HSSC with a horrific neck injury that had been caused by a tight collar that had irritated and cut through his skin. Our veterinary team also discovered that Bonzo was fighting advanced heartworm disease, a dangerous infection that can lead to fatal health complications. It took Bonzo three months to recover. During the entire process, Bonzo was brave, playful, and inspiringly resilient.

Today, we are thrilled to report that Bonzo, now named Captain, is enjoying his happily-ever-after with his new adoptive family!


While we can never know how Biggles ended up outside and on her own, we do know that her future is now filled with love and hope.

Biggles came to us after our Humane Officers found her as a stray in need of immediate veterinary attention. She was very thin and suffering from a severe skin condition. Her body was covered in scabs and fleas and her fur had become patchy and thin. Biggles was obviously in pain and struggling to survive in the elements.

At our shelter, Biggles was given medications, vaccines, and soothing treatments for her skin. She was also showered with love and affection as she completed her difficult recovery. Throughout her ordeal, Biggles was friendly and appreciative of the care she received from staff and volunteers at the shelter.

Today, Biggles lives happily with her forever family!


Magnus lived a difficult life before his rescue. Found by a kind and caring citizen, Magnus was a stray suffering and in need of veterinary care. Possibly as a result of an altercation with another animal, Magnus’s right eye had been severely damaged. At our shelter, Magnus would find the veterinary care he needed to recover.

During his veterinary intake exam, Magnus was found to be also suffering from painful, biting fleas and dirty ears. While these two ailments would require only routine medications and care, our veterinary team determined that the best course of treatment for Magnus’s injured eye would be to surgically remove it.

Performed onsite by our veterinarian, Magnus’s surgery was quick. Our staff and volunteers were sure to shower Magnus with lots of love and attention while he recovered.

Very soon after, Magnus found his forever family to keep him safe, comfortable, and happy into the future!