How fundraising makes a difference!

By becoming a Fundraising Champion for our Paws for a Cause: Virtual Walk each penny raised goes directly in to the lifesaving veterinary care we provide to the rescued animals of Summit County.


Without expert veterinary care, Buffalo may not be here today.

Just a month ago, Buffalo was a stray, trying his best to fend for himself. Unfortunately, he was struck by a vehicle and very badly injured. Buffalo could barely stand, as his pain and trauma was unbearable.

Luckily, Buffalo was found, rescued, and brought to our shelter. Our veterinary team provided him with emergency care, pain relief, and fluids. His condition was so concerning that he was transferred to an emergency veterinary hospital for overnight observation and radiographs of his injuries, which revealed that Buffalo was suffering from a partially collapsed lung and extensive bruising. Amazingly, he had no broken bones. With lifesaving veterinary care, Buffalo made it through that difficult night.

Back at the shelter, Buffalo continued to receive medications to ease his very difficult recovery. To help him safely walk, our staff carefully supported his pelvis and back legs with a sling, and took each step at his pace. Within days of his rescue, Buffalo was able to walk on his own! His tail hasn’t stopped wagging since!

Today, this handsome pup is nearing the end of his recovery and will soon be ready to find his forever family!


Just one month ago, Flapper was in danger. He had sustained a traumatic injury to the left side of his face, leading to insurmountable pain and a life-threatening infection.

Luckily, Flapper was found by a kind citizen who quickly realized the need for action and where to turn for help. Flapper, once at our shelter, quickly underwent surgery to clean and suture his terrible wound. Under the watchful eye of our care team, Flapper recovered quickly with the help of antibiotics, pain relief, and nutritious food.

Flapper wins over all those he meets with his friendly and affectionate personality! Soon, he’ll find the family that he has always deserved to keep him safe and healthy in his forever home!


Little Fess had nearly given up by the time he was found. Severely injured, Fess has a terrible injury to his pelvis and unable to walk, possibly due to a collision with a car. Safely at our shelter, Fess was quiet, listless, and refused food or water. X-rays revealed that he had a fractured pelvis.

Our veterinary team provided Fess with pain relief, IV fluids, and high calorie food to jumpstart his recovery and bring the brightness back to his eyes. With lots of cage rest and delicate care required for a successful recovery, Fess was placed into a foster home, where he has since flourished!

Fess will soon complete his recovery and be ready for adoption!

Briar Rose

Like hundreds of other kittens this year, Briar Rose came to our shelter in desperate need of veterinary care.

Just a month old and barely weighing a pound, Briar Rose was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and struggling to survive. Breathing was dangerously difficult, and her small eyes could barely open due to the buildup of debris and infection.

Rounds of lifesaving antibiotics, gentle baths,

and nutritious food provided by her wonderful foster family helped Briar Rose overcome her infection and grow to be a healthy, happy kitten! Briar Rose and her littermates are still in foster care as they continue to grow, but soon will be available for their new adventure – adoption!