How fundraising makes a difference!

By becoming a Rescue Walker for the Rescue Walk each penny raised goes directly in to the lifesaving Veterinary Care we provide to the rescued animals of Summit County.


Rescued by our Humane Officers from a backyard on a cold February day, Clipper thought he had been abandoned for good. Clipper did not have access to basic necessities like food, water, and shelter, and was severely underweight when he came to HSSC. Clipper’s skin was raw, his fur was thin and patchy, and he had painful open sores all over his body.

Our veterinary team immediately began treating Clipper’s skin condition and with antibiotics, specialized food, and medication to ease his itching, determined that he likely has both skin and food allergies. With relief from his itching and a carefully monitored diet, Clipper's skin continues to heal and his hair has grown almost entirely back!

Now fully recovered, Clipper enjoys play groups, people, and any toy that squeaks and he is eager and ready to find his forever home!


Kreacher was found as a severely injured stray. We can’t be sure exactly what caused his horrific injuries, but it is suspected to have been an animal attack. He had large, infected wounds covering the entirety of the back of his head and puncture wounds on his paws. Kreacher would not have made it without our veterinary team.

He needed dozens of stitches and antibiotics to control infection - his healing process is continuing even a month and a half after his harrowing ordeal. His scars tell the story of a difficult past, but through it all he has been a sweet and affectionate lap cat. With the expert care and treatment he continues to receive from our medical team, he is nearly healed and looking forward to the day when he's ready to live in the safety and comfort of a loving forever home!


When Ace arrived he could barely hold himself up on his back legs, and he struggled to walk due to his injuries. Found near a busy road, Ace came to HSSC after a Good Samaritan found him suffering, likely after being struck by a car.

After a couple of weeks of cage rest, it became apparent Ace needed more intensive treatment for his hip injury. He was in need of an intensive surgery called a femoral head ostectomy to ease the pain and help him regain his mobility. Following surgery, he spent a few weeks on cage rest getting extra love and attention from staff. He healed amazingly well and within weeks was able go for regular walks in the yard and even attend play group with other dogs.

Now fully healed and ready for adoption, Ace is looking for a forever home full of playtime and cuddles!