Why I Walk!

Andrew Whittaker | HSSC Volunteer & Bark in the Park Committee Member

"As a volunteer at the Summit Humane Society I spend hours each week feeding, walking and helping to train the dogs sheltered there. I therefore see firsthand how well cared for these animals are, and the dedication of all the staff in supporting them. I see how well spent the donations made to the shelter are in caring for these animals.

With the recent lockdowns, I am unfortunately unable to go in myself now to help care for the dogs, but with the setting up of a fundraising page, as well as making a donation myself, allows me to feel I am still doing what I can to help. After all these animals are not receiving stimulus checks themselves."

Brenda Ehrhardt | HSSC Volunteer & Paws for a Cause: Virtual Walk 2021

"I choose to fundraise for HSSC because I know it makes a difference. I see firsthand how veterinarian care saves the lives of so many abused, abandoned, sick and injured animals that come through our doors. I see them at their sickest and at their best…my voice becomes theirs. Every single animal that comes through those doors deserves a chance to get well and find a forever family. Please, help us, help them! Every dollar counts!"

Megan Bobula | HSSC Board Member, Volunteer and Bark in the Park Committee Member

"I made the best decision in my life to visit the Humane Society of Summit County in August, 2007. That visit and the adoption counselor I met led me to adopt my best friend Fiona, who is the perfect match for me. She has brought me so much joy, and so I volunteer in order to pay it forward so other people and pets find the same love! I choose to raise money to pay it forward and thus help others have the same experience."

Sarah Whitford | HSSC Volunteer & Bark in the Park Committee Member

"The reason I raise money for the Paws for a Cause Virtual Walk is because I’ve seen the amazing work this organization does and continues to do over the years. I remember when I began at the Humane Society on Quick Road 15 years ago, walking dogs.

The heart and soul of the staff and volunteers overcame any of the obstacles being faced in that old building. I remember attending orientation upstairs in what you might call a type of attic, super warm, no air conditioning, definitely nothing fancy. When “building maintenance” was needed, I remember, duct tape was our friend for the building we all affectionately called “the barn.” But none of it mattered because we were about rescuing the neglected, injured and abandoned animals to give them a second chance.

I remember one day, now that I had been a dog walker for a bit, a staff member had asked me to help her with a few dogs she was working with. Within an hour I walked 3 very special dogs. The first dog had the embedded collar scabs from someone who never bothered to adjust the dog’s collar as they got older and grew, so they were slowly choking. We rescued the dog and were treating their deep neck injuries. The second dog, had what should’ve been a simple leg injury, but the owners neglected it for so long that the leg had to be amputated. A third pup who was so scared of humans, it took me 10 min just to get her to come out of her cage. And I could only imagine what that poor pup had been through. I took those three out and I was done for the day. That was the first time I broke. I sat in my car and cried. I cried and realized that I have to do more.

So I got into the fundraising side of things. I remember helping to raise money for HSSC's capital campaign so that we could rescue more animals and become a larger presence in Summit County. I cried when I got to see the new facility before we had moved in because I saw all the new opportunity and lives we could change.

And even though we are this state of the art facility now, we still have that feisty, tenacious, loving, and compassionate spirit coursing through our life-force from the days on Quick Road. We have come so far, but the outstanding work is the same. But of course this all costs money. Medical care costs money. Medicine costs money. Food costs money. Utilities to keep our animals comfortable costs money. And that’s why I’m raising funds for the Paws for a Cause Virtual Walk. It’s a special place, founded by special people and principles, doing the work OF angels FOR angels."