No More Bullying!®

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No More Bullying!® is a community-based program to reduce bullying, prevent violence, and teach compassion for animals and people. Designed for 3rd-5th graders, No More Bullying!® is a character development program eliminating bullying and promoting kindness toward both people and animals. No More Bullying!® is designed for use in classrooms, summer camps, or other youth programs in 5 one-hour sessions. Throughout the week participants complete five Core Value lessons along with engaging worksheets and activities designed to reinforce the lessons.

The program focuses on the five Core Values and encourages students to live by these values every day:

  • Responsibility: Doing what you're supposed to, even if it isn't easy
  • Compassion: Understanding how someone feels and doing something to help.
  • Being Humane: Acting in a kind and caring way at all times.
  • Self-control: Taking charge of your own actions and emotions.
  • Integrity: Being honest and having strong character even when no one is watching.

Our effort to create a kinder and safer world for people and animals is ongoing, and we are proud to offer this program at no cost thanks to grant support from The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust and The Cynthia Parker Matthews Family Foundation. This program is currently available to Summit County schools and community programs.

For more information about our No More Bullying!® program and how to participate, please contact Adam Karson, Community Outreach Coordinator at

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