Aleric was found as an emaciated stray by a Good Samaritan. Our veterinary team treated his skin infection and put him on a proper diet before he quickly found his forever home!

Here's what his forever family had to say about him:

We adopted Scooter (formerly named by the HSSC as Aleric), in August 2016. I became a business owner shortly thereafter and my sweet Scooter first became a “light construction” dog during our updating of the gallery and then officially a “Shop Dog,” greeting all our customers and being featured in our print and social media for the shop. He certainly had a difficult life prior to our adopting him and I am quick to show his before pictures so everyone can appreciate what TLC really means to our furry friends. He takes his “job” as Standing Rock’s greeter very seriously and is always right at the door when I ask him, “Are you ready to go the shop?" before we leave the house in the mornings.

When Governor DeWine required us to post mandatory mask wearing signs in our gallery, we decided to get creative and use our sweet boy to help us out. He was SO GOOD and compliant through the photo process… having his nose AND mouth covered was a little more than uncomfortable, but he was such a good listener despite it all. I know that we all feel that shelter dogs are the BEST family members and we are doing our best in the little corner of the community to help get the word out!

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