Animal abandonment is a crime. Our pets rely upon us to feed, shelter, and love them, yet some discard them with little care for their wellbeing.

Officer Harland responded to a report from a caring and observant citizen who had noticed that Arra, as we would later name this sweet Boxer mix, was in need of help. On the scene, Officer Harland found Arra tied to a porch by a rope, sitting listlessly with little hope left in her eyes. Her owners had simply packed up their belongings and left their dog behind. Even though she was found emaciated and suffering from painful wounds to her neck, Arra excitedly accepted Officer Harland’s invitation to go for a ride to the Humane Society of Summit County.

Hope returned to Arra’s eyes that day. She would never again be alone.

At HSSC, Arra was examined by our veterinary team, treated for her wounds, and given food, bedding, toys, and lots of love. She recovered from her terrible ordeal quickly and found her new adoptive family! Arra’s new family recently sent us a wonderful update about how Arra is doing today!

"Arra completes our family! She is the absolute best decision we have we made and also the most well behaved dog we have ever owned. It’s amazing to see her with our children and the love between them. She is so gentle and has been the biggest blessing to us."

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