Astoria, now known as Cecelia, was found in pretty rough shape by a Good Samaritan. Suffering from a flea infestation and all-over hair loss, Cecelia was also plagued by a chronic upper respiratory infection. Once her skin conditions were under control and she was free of fleas, Cecelia was put on a strong course of antibiotics just in time to find her forever home!

Here's what her forever family had to say about her:

My dear kitty Cecelia was adopted from your organization two Christmases ago. Upon her arrival home, we properly introduced her to her two new brothers, Banksy and Chandler, but they didn’t get along. She was still sick and scared of change. Her upper respiratory symptoms did eventually cease, but she still would NOT accept affection. We actually (which I sorely regret) thought about rehoming her if that would be the best-case scenario. But we didn’t. We chose not to give up. We fought our very hardest and let her acclimate to her own timeline. We loved and cared for her regardless of how little affection she showed, because we knew she ultimately needed love. Here we are, almost two years later, and little Cecelia will not leave my side. She meows constantly for pets, loves her two brothers to death, knows her name and shares her food with her kitty siblings. She has flourished into the sweetest little girl there could be.

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