Boujee, now known as Melia, was rescued by our Humane Officers from a hoarding situation where she was living with 22 other felines. Covered in fleas and scabs, Melia was ready for a forever home where she could live in peace and quiet.

Here's what her forever family had to say about her:

Ever since bringing her home Melia has been nothing but a delight. The moment we let her out of her carrier on her first day with us, she was rubbing up against us and demanding pets right away! Since then, she's made herself at home and gotten quite comfortable it seems. Every night, she comes and sleeps in bed with us and even sleeps on my chest almost every night. Though she isn't the most cuddly during the day, when she gets sleepy she loves to have her belly rubbed, chin scratched, and she leans up against one of us on the couch. Most of the time, she has a lot of energy and loves to play. Her favorite toy at the moment is a shoelace and she can't get enough of it. She loves watching birds from the windows. She makes our lives brighter and is the biggest sweetheart. She's our little princess and we couldn't have asked for more! P.S. We were told when we were adopting her that she could be very sassy, yet she hasn't really shown us that yet. However, I took her to the vet twice and both vet techs that worked with her told me that she was very sassy with them!

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