Cifer was found abandoned in a barn by a Good Samaritan who then brought the three kittens to the Humane Society of Summit County. Cifer and his littermates were so tiny that they were set up with a foster family who provided them bottlefeeding and round-the-clock care. Once he was big enough to make it on his own, Cifer quickly found his forever family!

Here's what his forever family had to say about him:

He has been a wonderful addition to our adoptive kitten family! He has grown so much since January 2019 and he loves to cuddle with each of our daughters. He loves his mommy to the moon and back and he cuddles with his mommy during movie nights with our family. Cifer has a cute personality! He likes to lay in the sink when our girls are playing in the bath, he likes to be read to and he likes to be in our bathroom window or laying on the back of our toilet till you are done showering! His favorite hobby is going outside in his cat stroller and watching the birds. Thank you Summit Humane Society for all you do!

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