Dasani, now known as Bindi, was found along with a handful of other strays and brought in by a Good Samaritan. With a little bit of TLC from our kennel staff, she was ready to meet her forever family!

Here's what her forever family had to say about her:

Being in a high risk category I have been isolated at home, and having lost our 14 year old Maine Coon just 2 months earlier made it that much lonelier. We have a wonderful Golden Retriever, Brownie, but having her 60 pounds of lovin’ on my lap is out of the question. My husband surprised me last week with Bindi, the sweetest little girl ever. We are in our 60’s, and she is our first ever “shelter rescue.” I am so glad my husband made the choice to adopt her from the Humane Society of Summit County. From the moment she arrived, you could tell she was grateful to have a forever home. She is gentle, loving, playful, extremely well mannered (she only jumps on the couch or the bed), and gets along very well with Brownie. I can tell our little Bindi was treated very kindly during her stay with you, and the staff has been equally wonderful to us. Our most sincere thanks to the Humane Society of Summit County for finding this little girl and keeping her warm and safe until we found each other.

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