Diamond Jim

Diamond Jim was born in a foster home after his mama cat was rescued by a Good Samaritan. As soon as Diamond Jim was old enough to be adopted, he found his forever home in no time!

Here's what his forever family had to say about him:

Thank you so much to the adoption counselor who helped me pick the best kitties for our family, we re-named Diamond Jim, he goes by Lewie now. He is incredibly spoiled & loved & gives us so much love in return. He couldn’t be more perfect for our family!!! We had such a wonderful experience with you all, I will definitely be coming back for any future adoptions!
My boys are already asking for another kitten (surprise surprise!) Lewie is 4 lbs now and eats like a moose!! He is so playful & sweet. Every night he makes his rounds to everyone’s beds and sleeps a couple hours with every one of us. We love & adore him so much, thank you for helping us add another member to our family!!! He is beyond perfect!!

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