Earosmith, now known as Günther, was brought to the Humane Society of Summit County as an injured stray. Our veterinary team cleaned his wounds and with just a short time to heal, Günther was ready for his forever home!

Here's what his forever home had to say about him:

Earosmith's name is now Günther because of his resting unenthused eyes (that's how others see him but to me, he's a happy-looking baby) and older demeanor. He LOVES to play! Anything with string or arts n crafts pipe cleaners he's obsessed with. He likes the cheap toys so of course, he's a keeper. At home, we have an older dog named Charlotte and they are two peas in a pod. They get along so well that it was fate they were meant to meet. At night Günther sleeps on the bed with me, and in the morning he is sure to wake me up for some food (maybe too early sometimes). I am so proud to be his pet mom and happy to give him a comfy, safe home.

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