Ferris and Inu

When Ferris and Inu, now known as Figaro and Galileo, arrived at the Humane Society of Summit County, both were suffering from the harsh realities of being abandoned kittens. Ferris was too tiny to live on his own and covered in fleas; Inu was emaciated and suffering from intestinal parasites. With some TLC and antibiotics, both Ferris and Inu were ready to find their forever home.

Here's what their forever home had to say about them:

We became attached to our little kittens very fast. From our first night with them we fell in love. Galileo has the most personality out of the two of them. He loves cuddling up next to us in bed at night and always wants to be near us. Figaro is definitely more reserved than his brother. He'll sometimes bat at us when we give him pets, but there are times where he'll open up and want affection. The two love being together and I couldn't imagine either of their lives without the other.

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