Rescued by HSSC in 2015, Geronimo waited 1,194 days for his adoption dream to come true.

Before adopting him, Geronimo's forever family was his volunteer foster family! What was originally a temporary stay turned into Geronimo's happily-ever-after!

His wonderful adopters recently shared an update with us, and we couldn't be happier for our special Geronimo!

"With a new confidence, Geronimo has gone from being afraid of everything, to not being afraid of anything. Over the summer, Geronimo went boating and has traveled with us and his canine two brothers to our regular vacation spot in New York."

"Geronimo is his dad’s right hand helper with all lawn care, vehicle and home maintenance projects – even loud ones! He is always in the mood for car rides, hiking, or wrestling with his dad. He follows so close behind his dad that if dad stops too quickly Geronimo runs into the back of his leg!"

"He sleeps in bed with us each night along with his two brothers and seems to very much enjoy having a family. Geronimo wakes up each morning with a full butt wag accompanied by kisses for both mom and dad and has become pretty affectionate."

"We are so thankful that HSSC was willing to help Geronimo through his big medical issues without having a time limit to spend at the shelter. Geronimo is now living his Happily Ever After!"

As you know, the HSSC is a “no time limit” shelter, and we proudly provide veterinary care, safe shelter, nutrition, and enrichment for all of our dogs, cats, and critters for as long as it takes. Most of our animals are adopted within a month and a half of their rescue, but some, like Geronimo, take longer to find their forever family.

Routine care of rescued animals comes at a cost. Special care, like Geronimo’s double knee surgery, stretches our resources to the limits. We are proud to offer this level of comfort and compassion to the animals most in need in our community, and we can only fulfill this role through the support of caring animal advocates like you.

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