Honeycrisp, along with 2 other dogs, was rescued by our Humane Officers from a terrible situation. Living in a cage surrounded by her own waste, Honeycrisp had broken teeth, skin irritation from the waste around her, and was all around in poor health. During routine testing, our veterinary team determined she was also suffering from heartworm disease. Intensive antibiotics, dental work, and cage rest were on deck for Honeycrisp's time at our shelter. Quickly a staff favorite, Honeycrisp's attitude was always positive and happy and while her recovery wasn't easy, she powered through. More than 7 months after arriving at our shelter, Honeycrisp was ready for her forever home!

Here's what her forever family had to say about her:

Ever since we adopted Honeycrisp (aka Honeybuns) she has settled in her home and has been so incredibly happy and spoiled. We love her SO much and she loves her extended family like her grandparents and many aunts and uncles. We have been taking her to training for her dog aggression and she has improved so much in just a few short weeks. She is in great hands now and loves to go for walkies, snuggle on the couch, and play with her dinosaur and alligator toys. She even loves her chinchilla brother, Burk! If it weren’t for the spring pup crawl we would have never met the perfect match for our family. Honey loves to come to work at the career center with me and get groomed by our vet tech students and enjoys the car ride even more! We hope her brother Macintosh is doing just as well. We cannot thank you all enough for taking such great care of her until we were able to come into her life. The only dog I’ve ever wanted is a gray and white Pitt with white feet and I cannot believe we have found her!

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