Help came just in time for Jonny, a young pit bull mix rescued by our Humane Officers this summer. Found in Akron tied outside in the elements with no food or water, Jonny was emaciated, forgotten, and slowly dying. Jonny was the victim of abandonment and suffering from severe neglect.

Too weak to walk to freedom, Jonny was carried by our Humane Officer, who rushed the dog to her van knowing that at our shelter Jonny would receive the veterinary care he needed to survive his horrific ordeal.

Luckily, that day would not be his last.

Our experienced veterinary team quickly examined Jonny, finding that he weighed only 32 lbs, was severely dehydrated, and had maggots eating at open wounds on his paws. Jonny was stabilized and provided with the nutrition and medications that would begin his difficult recovery.

Jonny became stronger with each passing day. He eventually had the energy to wag his tail, enjoy walks in our yard, and play with toys. His sweet and silly personality was able to shine. Jonny was thriving.

Five weeks after his rescue, Jonny had fully recovered and just days later, met the wonderful family who would become his everything. Jonny was adopted!

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