Leah, formerly known as Eileen, was abandoned with her five young kittens and several other cats and kittens in a rental home when her owners moved out. Luckily, the cats and kittens were discovered by the landlord but were suffering with no access to food or water. He quickly realized the seriousness of the situation and contacted our Humane Officers for help.

Within a few days, all of the cats and kittens were found, contained, and brought to the Humane Society of Summit County for care. Leah and her kittens recovered from their ordeal with the dutiful help of volunteers and staff. Her kittens quickly found their new adoptive families, but Leah continued to be overlooked by adopters. Leah would wait almost 7 months.

One day in December, though, Leah's future changed! She captured the hearts of a couple visiting HSSC's Kitty City and was adopted!

Her family recently shared with us an update and some photos of Leah enjoying her new home. We couldn't help but share them with you!

"Leah has adjusted beautifully, and we are so happy to have her as a new addition to the family. Within a few hours of scoping out the place, she jumped up on the couch and took turns going to my husband and I to have her ears scratched and her head petted. It seemed like she couldn't get enough! Leah loves sleeping at the foot of the bed at night with us or on the couch between us when we watch TV. The big window in our living room is one of her favorite places to hang out to see what is going on outside.

Thanks for all you do for the animals until they find their forever homes!"

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