Magnus lived a difficult life before his rescue in October.

Found by a kind and caring citizen, Magnus was a stray suffering and in need of veterinary care. Possibly as a result of an altercation with another animal, Magnus’s right eye had been severely damaged. At our shelter, Magnus would find the veterinary care he needed to recover.

During his veterinary intake exam, Magnus was found to be also suffering from painful, biting fleas and dirty ears. While these two ailments would require only routine medications and care, our veterinary team determined that the best course of treatment for Magnus’s injured eye would be to surgically remove it.

Performed onsite by our Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Kauffman, Magnus’s surgery was quick. Our staff and volunteers were sure to shower Magnus with lots of love and attention while he recovered.

Very soon after, Magnus found his purr-fect forever family to keep him safe, comfortable, and happy into the future! Congrats Magnus!

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