Neal and Reggie

While Neal was found as an abandoned kitten, Reggie was rescued by our Humane Officers from a home with too many animals. In just a few weeks, these guys found their forever home together!

Here's what their forever family had to say about them:

Neal and Reggie are right at home! They love snuggling with each other, chasing each other, and wrestling. They love each other as brothers! Both took a few days to warm up, but now Reggie constantly meows to be picked up! Neal plays with us for as long as we can! Reggie, our little tiger, has an obsession with water and is a very mischievous kitten. Neal, who we think looks exactly like a bunny, likes to stretch out in the middle of the floor for sleepy time, and he tries to copy Reggie's attempts to reach the places they shouldn't go. Since we have adopted them, we have fallen heads over heels in love, and they make every day a little bit happier.

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