Pamela & Zanzie

Pamela and Zanzie, now known as Sophie and Zander, were both brought to the Humane Society of Summit County by Good Samaritans. Sophie was nursing a litter of 4 kittens and so thin she was struggling to do so. Zander was suffering from a wound on his neck and intestinal parasites. Once these two were feeling better, they found their forever home together!

Here's what their forever family had to say about them:

I recently came across photos of Sophie and Zander from 2019 and didn't realize how much they had changed....particularly Sophie. She is such a beautiful cat now. Zander, I call him my sexy beast, has been a lover boy from the start. Sophie's more standoffish but that's ok. I've given up on them liking each other. I'll settle for peaceful coexistence at this point! Living alone during lockdown would have been unbearable without their companionship. Thank you for all you do to make such happy-ever-afters happen."

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