Pink, now known as Lulu, was brought to the Humane Society of Summit County along with 3 other adult felines and 4 kittens. It was clear Lulu was the mother of the kittens so she got to spend several weeks with her kittens in a foster home until all of them were ready for their forever homes!

Here's what her forever family had to say about her:

Although she was very timid at first, Lulu (a.k.a. Princess PrettyKitty, a.k.a. Miss Meow Meow, a.k.a. Lulu That's Youyou) has certainly blossomed into a confident, playful little kitty. She is a little clown who just loves to play with her toys (and anything she can make into a toy!). Every day she does her rounds, which consist of eating breakfast, monitoring the backyard from her window seat and activity tree, napping on the bed, overseeing the living room from the stair railing, chasing her ball, and interrupting my virtual work meetings. She is endlessly entertaining and has been a wonderful stress reliever in these strange and stressful times. She has brought a lot of joy and laughter into our home, and we're happy to have given her a safe, comfy kitty life! When asked if she had anything to add to this update, Lulu stretched, yawned, looked unimpressed, and fell back asleep on her blanket. Thank you for giving us our new family member!

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