Sunny Boy

Maddox, a six year old cat, was rescued in September of 2019 after he was found as a stray and in need of veterinary and shelter. He had survived a dog attack and was suffering from bite wounds on his rear leg.

At our shelter, Maddox was given all the care and attention he needed to recover, and did so quickly! Our staff and volunteers soon fell in love with his very sweet and affectionate demeanor and knew that one day he would make a wonderful lap cat. They couldn't have more right!

Just months after his rescue, Maddox met his most perfect match! His adopter's daughter recently shared with us their story and we couldn't be happier for them both!

"In November, we made the tough decision to place my mom in an assisted living facility. The only thing that made her happy about the move was the fact she could have a cat again after waiting more than 20 years! My dad, who recently passed away, was not a "cat person".

With mom now being alone and having to adjust to new surroundings and a completely new lifestyle, we knew the timing was perfect for her to once again have a "fur-baby"!

The day after we moved mom into assisted living, we headed to the Humane Society of Summit County to adopt a cat. Once we got into Kitty City, the amount of cats and kittens up for adoption seemed overwhelming, but based upon what my mom was looking for, the adoption counselors suggested that we meet Maddox, a large white male cat who was about 6 years old.

We got to his cage, and he was sitting up tall and kind of dozing off. They opened his cage for mom to see him, she put her hand in to pet him, and as soon as she did, he put his head right into the palm of her hand!! That was all it took - we'll take him!!!

We adopted Maddox and couldn't be happier! Mom wasn't crazy about his name, and wanted to call him Sunshine, or something like that. We tossed a few names around and finally decided on Sunny Boy!

We brought him home, and he meowed the whole ride while mom talked to him and tried her best to comfort him. We took him into her room and opened the carrier and waited for Sunny Boy to come out. He jumped out of the box wandered around the room, checking out his new home. Then he decided to jump up into the recliner where my mom was sitting and make himself at comfortable next to her. He sat with her for the next 3 hours!

Having adopted Sunny Boy gave mom a new sense of purpose! He has become the reason she wakes up in the morning, gives her unconditional love, greets her when she comes back from meals, and meows for treats because she's spoiled him so!

Mom was very reluctant to move into an assisted living facility and still struggles with the decision, but the saving grace has been Sunny Boy!!

The long and short of it is, they both rescued each other and that is worth everything!!"

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