Arman was rescued by our Humane Officers after he was abandoned in an apartment by his previous owner. He certainly doesn’t have anything to worry about now. He hit the kitty jackpot! This is what his new Mom had to say:

“We received a nice note thanking us for adopting Arman. He is such a sweet cat. Right now he is on the table with his head in my left hand as I type this.

We wanted a pal for our orange tabby, Tommy, and are they pals!!! They play together and often sleep together. And get into trouble together.

Everyone at the Humane Society was polite and helpful, and we will share that info with anyone looking for a new family member!

One of the volunteers sent home a little mat with Arman/Toby so he would have something familiar. Please tell them that he still lays in it every night for a little while. It is so sweet.

Thank you all so much for all that you do!”

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