Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown is one of those dogs you remember forever.

Scared, underweight, and a victim of cruelty, Leroy Brown was rescued by Humane Officers with life-threatening health problems. He is a senior-aged Boxer/Shepherd mix who had previously undergone a leg amputation. On top of it all, he was suffering from a heartworm infection.

While he recovered in our care, Leroy's sweet and gentle demeanor made him easy to love and impossible to forget. The veterinarian, staff, and volunteers poured their hearts into his recovery and give the same dedicated care to thousands of dogs, cats, and small animals just like him every day.

Three months after his rescue, Leroy’s soon-to-be adopters found his photos and story on our website. After meeting him at the shelter, it was love. They welcomed Leroy into their family and even got him a wagon to help him get around.

His family witnesses HSSC’s lifesaving impact every day and shared a touching update:

"When we see staff or volunteers who know Leroy, they get so excited. But, sometimes there are tears to go with the smiles and belly rubs, and I know that they are one of the people who saw Leroy when he was first brought in - who thought he might not pull though. Thank you to HSSC for continuing to heal and love these rescue animals even if it sometimes breaks your heart."

The best part of Leroy’s story is that we can make happy endings like his happen every day by providing lifesaving medical services, nutritious food, safe shelter, and happy futures through adoption with your support. When animals come through our doors, it’s only the beginning.

Through donating, you can give animals like Leroy Brown the opportunity to be loved and thrive. Please make a donation today.

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