Violet was rescued at a young age along with her mother and siblings. They lived in a loving foster home while they grew big and strong and received all the medical care they needed. Once spayed, little Violet didn't wait long for her forever home! Her new Mom sent this adorable update:

"My husband and I adopted a little kitten about 2 weeks ago. At the time of adoption her name was Violet. When we got home we let her look around and get used to her new home. She did so with no trouble and quickly found her favorite spots. She was graceful with a little spunk to her steps and loved to run at her toys with a little somersault and always landing paws down on the unsuspecting toy.

Of course, after that little move we decided to name her Nala, after the princess lion from Lion King. And now she lives up to her name!

Nala was initially not fond of either of our dogs. But after two days we would catch her giving sneaky kisses to our crazy Stella. This was something that caught us off guard because Nala didn't like the fast and abrupt movements Stella would make. Ultimately, these two fell in love and now Nala is Stella's baby.

We wanted to thank you for raising and taking care of our fur baby and helping make her the amazing and lovable kitten she is now! We have nothing but wonderful things to say about your facility!"

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