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The Humane Society of Summit County is the only local, non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to serving animals that are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment as well as sick and injured strays. Additionally, there is no time limit imposed on animals in our care. As long as the animal is medically and behaviorally healthy, it remains with us as long as it takes to be adopted. We are also dedicated to making our community safer and more compassionate for pets and pet owners. We are the only organization in Summit County with this mission.

The Humane Society of Summit County differs from Summit County Animal Control Shelter in our missions, and we operate independent shelters. While both organizations make animals available for adoption, HSSC rescues and rehabilitates abused, abandoned, and neglected animals of Summit County, and Summit County Animal Control is responsible for healthy stray animals that are running loose.

Because of our name, we may also be confused with national charities such as Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, and others. We are not a chapter of, affiliated with or governed by these charities in any way. While we occasionally partner with these groups for specific projects, they provide no operating funding to HSSC.

HSSC is also the only animal welfare group in Summit County with the authority to enforce humane law within the Ohio Revised Code. While we are not a government agency, we work closely with other law enforcement agencies on humane investigations.

Annually, 95% of the funding for the lifesaving work of the Humane Society of Summit County is provided by generous donors, like you. HSSC is committed to being a responsible steward of our funding and maintains the highest ratings with national charity evaluation organizations Charity Navigator and GuideStar. You can be a part of making this work possible by making a donation directly to HSSC or to learn about how you can make a deeper impact, please contact our Development Office directly at (234) 212-9679 or

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