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Walking your canine companion should be more than just a chore; it’s an essential part of your dog’s life that greatly improves her wellbeing! Daily walking provides exercise, training opportunities, and socialization while also feeding natural instincts.

The instinct to travel alongside her family is ingrained in your dog. Feeding her instinct to travel with her family on daily walks is essential for her happiness and wellbeing. The action of walking with your dog also encourages familial bonding.

Providing your dog with at least one hour of walking each day will relieve boredom, stress, and pent up energy from being confined during the day. This can help to manage undesirable behaviors such as hyperactivity and destructive chewing, leading to a better behaved dog and happy humans! Sending your dog out in the backyard or bringing her to a dog park is not enough. Dogs need structured, directed exercise.

One of the obvious benefits of taking your dogs on a walk is better health for you and your pet! The prevalence of human obesity has been steadily increasing over the past few decades with current rates estimated at 36%. Unfortunately, our pets have suffered from the same health decline; it is estimated that 56% of adult pet dogs are overweight or obese! Obesity threatens our health and our pet’s health in a variety of ways and oftentimes leads to death. It’s never too late to get active! Exercise your dog and yourself!

Walking also provides an excellent learning opportunity for your dog! You can use this one-on-one time to train your dog how to sit, stay, and especially heel, all important dog etiquette skills!! If your dog is fearful or shy when introduced to new things, walking with you can develop trust and confidence. While walking, you are sure to encounter other owners walking their dogs. Your dog can gain experience meeting and playing with new dogs, another important dog skill! Be aware, though, that not all dogs are friendly towards other dogs. Communicate your intentions and your dog’s social abilities to the other owner before allowing your dogs to meet. If either dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior, avoid the interaction. Being able to calmly walk past another dog is also an important dog skill!

Your dog is dependent upon you and your family to experience and explore the world. Get out, enjoy some fresh air, and feel the earth beneath your feet (or paws)! Check out some place new! The Greater Akron area has an incredible array of state, metro, and city parks to choose from. We even have a beautiful national park! Most have miles and miles of dog-friendly trails to explore! Check out the list below!

If you are interested in gaining skills in how to effectively train your dog, check out our new public training classes! You can find more information about the courses on our Facebook or you can contact us at!

Not able to own a dog just yet but interested in walking dogs? Volunteer at PHSGA to take our adoptable dogs out for a walk in our newly renovated dog enrichment yard!

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