Please Don't Pass Me By - I'm Worth a Second Look!

Visit PHSGA and you are sure to meet quite a variety of critters! On any given day, we have over 300 dogs, cats, and small animals each with its own unique appearance and personality. Each animal also has its own natural way of responding to the shelter environment.

Animal shelters present quite the challenge for animals. These facilities can be loud and full of new smells and faces. Furthermore, at PHSGA, animals are often physically recovering from illness, injury, or neglect. Just like us, animals have different personality traits and come from a variety of backgrounds. Some animals adapt quickly to their new surroundings while others struggle to adjust.

We try our very best to make each animal as comfortable as possible while they recover and wait to be adopted. Every day, our staff and volunteers provide walks, socialization, and attention to the animals in our care. Our dedicated veterinary team tends to injuries and illnesses and administers pain management when necessary. Before becoming available for adoption, each of our animals are behaviorally evaluated by trained staff. All dogs over six months of age receive a Temperament Assessment by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer to determine adoptability and enhance appropriate placement. Also, many animals in our care receive basic obedience training to improve manners and increase adoptability.

Sometimes, a visitor or potential adopter may perceive the behavior of an animal in its kennel or cage as undesirable. Behaviors such as excessive vocalization, jumping, spinning, cowering, or disinterest are not always signs of aggression or a lack of socialization. These behaviors may be signs of the stress of the shelter environment, insecurities or overexcitement with meeting new people, or even boredom.

These behaviors are often not accurate representations of the animal’s true personality and behavioral traits when outside of its enclosure. PHSGA strongly suggests that interested adopters and visitors inquire about an animal’s background and true personality before judging an animal as an inappropriate fit for their family. Our adoption counselors are very familiar with the unique personalities and quirks of each animal and are available to answer questions and introduce the animal to you outside of its kennel or cage!

With patience and a foundation for a relationship to grow, an apparently disinterested, aloof, or overly excited animal can surprise you! Give them a chance!

Meet Oak and Valora, pictured below. These pretty ladies are just two examples of animals that struggle with adjusting to new people and environments. Although they may seem withdrawn and disinterested, we are confident that they would make great pets once they are settled in to a new family! Visit today to see for yourself!

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